KengHeng Goldtech

Keng Heng Goldtech Sdn Bhd specialize in wholesale of 22K 916 finished gold ornaments and jewellery products. We are equipped with over 10,000 different modern gold jewellery design making us one of the largest and finest wholesale gold jewellery supplier to major jewellery stores in Malaysia. Our major oversea export clients include Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei.

京兴金饰手工业专注于批发 22K 916 黄金制成手饰品。我们拥有的是最现代化及最齐全的黄金首饰款类。由于我们款类超过一万多种,我们也是全马来西亚数一数二的门市金饰店批发商。我们的产品外销到海外客户主要是新加坡,印尼以及文莱。

Our Team

We come from a gold manufacturing background with over 40 years of expertise from gold raw material to final finished product design and its distribution to retail jewellery stores. Our core team members emphasize on the finest quality and precision of finished products to ensure delivery of attractive gold jewellery at reasonable price. We act as liaison between modern designers, professional manufacturers and upscale retailers. We accept custom make jewellery design requests according to your requirement.

京兴金饰手工业来自黄金首饰制造背景,拥有的是40年的丰富经验与知识,从黄金原材料到最终成品设计,并分销到零售金飾珠宝店。 我们资深的团队成员强调的是品质的最佳质量和精度以确保我们的黄金首饰是以合理的批发价出售。 我们是现代设计师,专业制造商和高档零售商之间的协调人。我们能根据您的需求接受定制金饰设计及生产。